Ethereal Therapies by Sophie BM

Sophie BM’s Grimoire


Into the Graveyard

The Young Girl in the White Dress,
Milton, FL October 2018

Taliaferro Family,
Savannah, GA September 2016

Lawton Family,
Savannah, GA September 2016

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist,
Savannah, GA  September 2016

How to Connect with a Hamadryad

Hamadryads and the Orbs Within

Dryads - Caretakers within the Grove

Devas - How They Protect Us

Nature Faeries - A Gem Within The Garden

Ferns & Mysticism

Sustainability & Magickal Workings

Ceremony & Relationships

The Kill Shelter

Dream Journal

A Lesson Learned Before Execution


Foot & Hand Soak with Incantation

Feast of Sakhmet Ritual

Rosemary Blessing Incantation

Lavender Protection Incantation

Dandelion Wish Incantation

Hamadryad Protection Incantation

Spell Breaker Incantation

Angrboða Incantation

Garmr Incantation

Mystic Tips

How Your Health Affects Your Ability to Protect Yourself

Indentifying the Entity and Its Elemental Power

Evolutionary Changes of the Unseen

To Sage or Not to Sage...

Pendulums - Composition Matters

Crystals - Bed Gridding

Crystals - Keeping Your Crystal Ball Cleared & Charged

In My Darkness

Reincarnation is a Choice

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