Ethereal Therapies by Sophie BM

I work within Realms that transcend beyond the Earthly existence.  I teach energy work that envelops each Being's existence within the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual states.  My methods are non-traditional and require focus from the student to thoroughly understand the techniques they learn in order to apply these methods in their daily lives and as treatment to other Beings.  Minds must be open to the teachings I offer in order to transcend beyond traditional thinking.  Each increasing Level builds upon the prior Levels, therefore Level advancement is allowed only after the Student has passed testing of each prior Level for application of the skills they have learned.  Once the student has successfully passed a Level's test, they move from being a Student to an Initiate of the accomplished Level.  If the Student is unable to demonstrate the lessons learned from prior Levels to pass examination, that simply means the Student needs to devote more time and effort towards building the proper intuitive and etheric "muscle" for advancement.  Otherwise, to allow admission into the next Level would be a waste of time and expense to the Student that has yet to develop the proper skills in order to understand and apply the next set of exercises in the advanced Levels. 

Level I and Level II are predominately based on the teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui Sensei, Chujiro Hayashi Sensei, Hawayo Takata Sensei and my personal techniques are included.  Level III and Level IV merges into the my personal Mystic methods of working in other Realms of existences and fine tuning the Initiates inherit abilities for mediumship, channeling, alchemy, and ritual works.  Reiju/Quickenings are given for each Level.  Initiates are supported and encourage to flourish within their newly founded personal gifts which will be unique from other Initiates.

The Eteru-no Curriculum is a challenging program that does not simply allow certifications to be "bought" just based on attendance.  CEU hours are not offered because Eteru-no does require a passing test score in order to receive certification and the tests are challenging.  Certifications are hard earned by the Initiates through concentration and dedication to the practice.  Although some of the methods could apply to a Health Care Provider's existing business, most of the methods are not meant for use by Health Care Providers and are instead meant for private use by the Initiate.

There are Four Levels for the Initiates of Eteru-no which focus on each state of existence.  If the dedication and concentration from the Initiate is one of exceptional performance and attendance through all sub-study programs throughout the first Four Levels, the Fifth Level will be offered to a select few Initiates.  The Fifth level offers the opportunity for the Initiate to be come an Adept to Eteru-no as a lifelong practice.  Only Adepts have the opportunity to learn the abilities to teach the Eteru-no curriculum which spans over the course of several years of focused training.

  •     Level I - introductory level and no experience necessary.
        Length:  2 Days
        Click here for Level I details

  •     Level II - must have Passed the Level I Final Exam. 
        Length:  2.5 Days
        Click here for Level II details

  •      Level III - must be certified in Level I and Level II by Sophie BM. 
         The passing of Final Exams for all prior Levels is required before entry into these upper levels is considered. 
         Length:  9 Days (2 Weekends in-person, 5 Days remote between weekends)
        Click here for Level III details

  •      Advanced Ethereal Techniques -  Various Topics Tailored to Request Needs –
         Only students certified by Sophie BM for all prior levels may apply for consideration into this multi-year program. Space is limited.

Attendance Policy

Maximum class size is 5 students.  Indicated down payments for each workshop must be received by before the designated Workshop Dates in order to reserve your seat. Payment is non-refundable for no-shows. 

Class Announcements are posted on Screaming Grove LLC Facebook Page.

A note about tuition payment and why I do not accept Credit:

When you pay Cash to purchase a product or service - You immediately take Ownership of that product or service from an energetic standpoint.
When you use a Loan to purchase a product or service - that product/service owns You until the debt is repaid in full.

I realize the convenience of using credit as payment (I certainly enjoy this convenience myself), but in regards to the classes that I teach that involve Energy Disciplines, the first Initiation is the Student (You) stepping into my curriculum already etherically owning the lessons you are going to unfold within my class.  There is an energetic activation that happens here in all levels of your existence upon this exchange - regardless of whether you are conscious of it or not.  I truly believe Debt is a modern form of slavery.  Hence, as my potential student, my requirement is that you enter into my curriculum free of any form of energetic slavery in connection with any class that you register with me.  When the time is appropriate for you to join my curriculum, the funds will become readily available to you.  Simply Trust....

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Sophie BM is a certified Spirit Whisperer®  ₪  Usui Ryoho Reiki Master  ₪  ThetaHealing® Practitioner  ₪  Founder of Ethereal Cleansing
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