Ethereal Therapies by Sophie BM

Every soul encountered
Blessed me with bits of clay
Of which you each molded
And formed into my Being

Grand Master Day, you showed me how to be tough
And to defend myself in real world situations

Grand Master Shi Deru, you showed me the elegance of Wushu
And that martial arts was just as much philosophy and science as it was movement

Sensei Gartman, my natural talent blossomed under you keen eye
And allowed me to unveil the images of my inner world into reality

Kourtney, you taught me to trust in my power
And how to harness it for the greatest good

Master Kalaluhi, you unleashed that which was blocked inside my Being
So that I could share this gift with the world

Venerable Lama, your wisdom is beyond measure
You have opened all the wonders of Buddhism in my Soul

Guru Sonny, I see your many lives as you teach
And through you, I have opened my "door" to God's Loves

Jill Isbell, you brought me beyond the Angelic Realm to the 7th Plane to meet Creator
And opened up my abilities further to become a great healer

Every lesson
Every thought
Every challenge
Every teacher
Molded my earthly being
Into what I am now
And will become

My Humblest Thanks to All of You
Sophie BM

My Esteemed Masters & Teachers

Jill Isbell
Clear Energetics Application of Quantum Wellness
Lineage: Vianna Stibel
Theta Healing®
Advanced Theta Healing®
Theta Healing Manifestion & Abundance®

SonnY Goldson
Christ Center of Divine Philosophy (Oklahoma City) formerly known as the Lotus Center founded by Audle Allison
Lineage: Audle Allison, Billie Butenhoff
Gods Loves Meditation

Venerable Lama Ngawang Tsultrim Rinpoche
Dhongak Tharling Dharma Center
Clergy Sangha Member of Dhongak Tharling Himalayan Vajrayana Buddhist Denomination

Master Robert Kalaluhi
Lineage: 8th Student Descendent from Dr. Mikao Usui
Usui Ryoho Reiki I, II, Master/Teacher Level Certification

Kourtney Franks-Levins
Lineage: Dr. Doreen Virtue, John Holland
Spirit Whisperer® Certification

Sensei Jeannie Masuko Gartman
Lineage: Sensei Nobu Nakamura
Oil Painting

Grand Master Shi Deru (Sifu Shawn Liu)
Liu Institute
Lineage: Great Grand Master Shi SuXi, Great Great Grand Master Shi Zheng Chu
Wushu, Tai Qi, Qigong

Grand Master Lawrence Day
Silent Dragon Shaolin-Do
Lineage: Grand Master Sin Kwan Thé
Kung Fu & Tai Qi

Return Home...Sophie BM is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of ThetaHealing®, and Certified Spirit Whisperer.  Her Ethereal Therapy sessions use a combination of both her learned and innate talents in the treatment of people, animals, and spaces.  She is also available for private training consultations and public workshops.

Sophie BM is a certified Spirit Whisperer®  ₪  Usui Ryoho Reiki Master  ₪  ThetaHealing® Practitioner  ₪  Founder of Ethereal Cleansing
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