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Sophie BM is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of ThetaHealing®, and Certified Spirit Whisperer.  Her Ethereal Therapy sessions use a combination of both her learned and innate talents in the treatment of people, animals, and spaces.  She is also available for private training consultations and public workshops.

The photos below were taken by a smart phone. Notice the glowing quartz...there was no special flash or lighting and the sky was overcast in the late afternoon on 3 Jan 2015.  Just energy coming from each hand to ignite the quartz into two distinct glows. This is the same energy that emits from my hands during a healing session.


You are the most beautiful of blessings, Sophie.  Thank you for doing this for her and our family.  I'm so excited to see what each day brings as she heals and lives in a space where those cords are no longer attached and connections to one or more past lives no longer weigh her down.  You have given her the most magnificent gift.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
- Shantel K., FL

Had two sessions with Sophie BM and they have both been very profound - have been feeling the need to go again soon - congratulations sophie - this is great.
- Amy L., FL

Sophie is a gifted healer. She is worth knowing. Once I had injured my back and without telling her anything, she said "I see you were lifting some kind of big blue container" That was Exactly what had happened, I twisted my back lifting a big blue tub full of wet tie dyes out of my car. There was no way she could have known this. It was 100% clairvoyant. I had not told her, nor had I posted it on FB. I have also 'seen' her send me healing energy in meditation only to come out of meditation to have her tell me ' I sent you some healing energy' She's for real. If you need balancing go see Sophie.
- Tye Dye Kris, FL

You helped put my life back on track Sophie BM and I'm forever in your debt. Thank you.
- Roger P. H., IN

You are beautiful but also magical! You are an awesome HEALER ! We love You! You are Infinite love and Gratitude!
- Margie K., FL

I have felt that energy from your hands during a session with you! Beautiful image….
- Tappy S., FL

I can't thank you enough for your guidance and encouragement through this whole process. Just sharing what you felt each day was instrumental as I learned to really 'listen' to what was happening within. I'm still in awe over the changes and experiences and look forward to putting this in practice not only with others, but in my daily life. My life has changed so much over the last few weeks, and I'm so excited to see what is next!

I know you didn't come to this voluntarily, but you are an amazing teacher and I'm so appreciative of all you've done. Count me in for November, and beyond, for however long you keep teaching! Veteran's Day weekend is my dad's birthday, but I'm in, even if it goes 2 1/2 days again, no worries.

I'll be in touch about the final, I just need to figure out my schedule, things are a bit crazy leading into July.

Thanks also for passing on messages from our guides. I still tend to be skeptical that they are here for me, but I feel their presence more and more and some personal messages I've received are right on target... so I'm working on acceptance and letting the doubt go (as instructed).

Words can't describe how meaningful this all has been, so I hope you can tell just how much this has meant to me.  THANK YOU! with gratitude,
- Nancy R., FL


I recently received a reading from Sophie.  At first, I have to admit, I was skeptical.  Many years ago, I rceived two other readings from different mediums and both clarvoiyants were unprofessional and completely inaccurate.  One medum went as far as to say I was 'cursed' and needed to purchase expensive candles to remove the hex.  

However, Sophie was compassionate and very professional.  In addition, not only was she an accurate medium, but she gently walked me through the process to help me understand what she was seeing and why.  She never pushed or asked for information, but welcomed it if I wanted to add anything.

 Sophie has my highest recommendation. 
- Allison S., FL


Going to see Sophie was (and is) an extraordinary, reality shifting, mind-blowing, ecstatic, emotional, high vibrational experience.  Being in Sophie’s presence is a blessing, in and of itself, and then to receive a reading from her is a very palpable, heartfelt and joyful experience.  First, you enter a sacred space that feels like it has been blessed with a thousand angels, the presence of whom you can actually feel, as if the room is “full.”  Then, you sit down, and it’s amazing what Sophie picks-up on, metaphysically speaking.  In that space, Sophie can tell you things about your life that there is almost no way she could have researched ahead of time.  Her accuracy wows you, at least several times during a session.  It seems to me that she “sees” a lot of what is going on in your life, currently, and what could come to pass.  Of course, life is always changing, so that can always change after you leave the room.  The lovely Sophie creates a sacred space where you can ask your burning questions, and have them answered, although not as specifically as you may desire.  As Sophie will tell you herself, when it comes to specific dates and times, this is not yet her strong point.  Despite the lack of specifics, the information that comes through is still awe inspiring, and creates a space for deep introspection into your own experience.  The mere fact that you are seeking guidance means that the Universe will support, and guide you.  Sophie simply tells you what she sees, and it’s up to you to figure it out. 

Here is a sample of one of my sessions with Sophie.  Sophie says, “I see a clinic.  A healing center.”  I answer, “Yes, I want to create a healing center and a healing retreat.”  She says, “I see that your parents are supportive, but skeptical about what you do,” and continues to give a perfect impression of my Mother.  I say, “Yes, that is exactly true.”  Sophie says, “I see you have gray hair at the healing retreat.”  I respond, “It’s going to take that long!” 

I have now sent over five people to go see Sophie, and they all have had a wonderful experience.  I would, and often do, recommend anybody and everybody to go have readings with Sophie.  They are enjoyable, awe-inspiring, beautiful, and magical." 

Love and Blessings to All,

Brian Snyder,
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Bachelor of Music (Human Being, same as you)

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Sophie BM is a certified Spirit Whisperer®  ₪  Usui Ryoho Reiki Master  ₪  ThetaHealing® Practitioner  ₪  Founder of Ethereal Cleansing
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